How to care for your Edblad jewellery

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When wearing your jewellery, remember to avoid contact with perfume and chemicals as they may destroy any plating, stones or pearls. Remove your jewellery while exercising, showering, bathing and sunbathing to avoid damaging or dropping your jewellery. Always remove your jewellery before going to bed as your jewellery can get stuck and tear. Also remember that all jewellery with stones should not be worn so that they rub against other materials.

Storing and cleaning

Store your jewellery in a jewellery case separately from each other, in order to avoid scratches and chains to get tangled. When traveling, pack your jewellery well and with care! To keep your jewellery in good condition, clean them in lukewarm water and some mild detergent. Wipe them off immediately after cleaning with a soft cloth and be extra careful if the jewellery has stones or pearls. Only clean if necessary.

Cultured freshwater pearls require extra care. Wipe the beads with a damp cloth after use so that they retain their lustre, but do not use fat-solvents such as soap detergents. Store the beads separately from other jewellery, but not in cotton that has a drying effect.


Edblad offers a 1-year-warranty on our jewellery. In order to guarantee that it is valid, it is important that you keep your receipt. If your jewellery should break during the warranty period, please contact the wholesaler or our customer service


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