How To Reivent Your Existing Wardrobe

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If you’d usually spend your weekends shopping and your lunch breaks browsing the shelves you’re sure to be missing the buzz of finding that new must-have piece. But, the likelihood is that your existing wardrobe is full of surprises, and now is the perfect time to organise, reshuffle, and revisit some old faves.

Follow our guide below and spend your afternoon in self-isolation shopping and reinventing your very own wardrobe!

Divide & Conquer

The first step is to create a blank canvas, clear out your closet, cupboard and drawers and pile everything up on the bed or floor so you can easily see what you’ve got. Divide into categories such as tops, bottoms and dresses and move anything that doesn’t fit or has never been worn to one side.


Back To Basics

Plain t-shirts, jeans and neutral trousers and skirts that go with literally anything are the basis of any capsule wardrobe so gather anything that falls into this category and position it in an easy to see section of your wardrobe, so you can grab-and-go. If you have a strict uniform for work then keep a section of your space free for this too. Move fancy occasion wear that you’re less likely to reach for frequently to the back.


Hidden Gems

Plenty of us have purchases hidden away in our wardrobes that seemed like must buys in the moment but have ended up forgotten and unworn. Now’s the time to try them on again and style them up. You can use this time to wear more daring looks around the house to weigh up whether you’d wear them outside!

Repair, Resell And Recycle

You’re sure to have old faithful pieces that deserve a little TLC (tender-loving-care). If you’ve never gotten around to replacing that missing button on your reliable jacket now is the perfect time to learn a new skill. Give old jeans a new lease of life by cutting them a raw hem or turning them into shorts. If you have got piles of stuff that you’ll never wear then consider recycling or donating them, you could even consider reselling more valuable items.



Super Styling

Our most worn outfits are often those we’ve tried and tested; the looks that are the most comfortable, easy to pull together or have garnered the most compliments when worn. So, now is the time to try new combinations and create different pairings. If you’ve never sported a midi skirt with white trainers, give it a try. Perhaps you’ve an oversized dress you’re unsure how to style? Try it on with a belt and see if it works better with flats or heels. Remember to take snaps of your favourite outfits so you won’t forget them.

New Colour Combos

Forget those old fashioned colour rules you’ve heard, practically any colour combination goes in today’s fashion world. Give head to toe monochrome a try for a chic look, simply dig out items in the same or similar tones and wear them together. Clashing bright and bold colours often complement each other too, so pair your emerald green blouse with that fuchsia pink pleated skirt and see how it looks. Use your free time to truly experiment with what you have.

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