Riverfest Fashion Show 2024

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The Riverfest fashion show in Limerick, hosted by Celia Holman Lee and her agency, was a dazzling display of style and creativity that set the tone for the entire Riverfest 2024 event. Here are some highlights:

  1. Cutting-Edge Designs: The runway was ablaze with cutting-edge designs, showcasing the talent and innovation of both established and emerging designers. From avant-garde couture to street-chic ensembles, there was something to captivate every fashion aficionado.

  2. Collaborative Efforts: The event was a testament to collaboration, with the Limerick School of Art and Design playing a pivotal role in nurturing emerging talent. The partnership with Limerick City and County Council underscored the importance of supporting local arts and culture initiatives.

  3. Spectacular Production: Grooveyard Event Management ensured that the fashion show was a seamless spectacle, with impeccable production values and attention to detail. From the lighting to the sound design, every aspect was finely tuned to create a truly immersive experience.

  4. Diverse Representation: The runway celebrated diversity and inclusivity, featuring models of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds. It was a refreshing departure from traditional standards of beauty, embracing the rich tapestry of human expression.

  5. Fashion Forward Trends: Attendees were treated to a preview of upcoming trends, with designers pushing the boundaries of convention and exploring new frontiers in style. From bold patterns to innovative silhouettes, the fashion show was a playground for experimentation and imagination.

O'Donnell Boutique Collection

Pictures: Kieran Ryan-Benson

Overall, the Riverfest fashion show was a resounding success, leaving audiences inspired and excited for the festivities to come. It was a shining example of the vibrant creative community in Limerick, and a testament to the enduring power of fashion to unite and inspire.


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