Prepare your wardrobe for autumn 🍂

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Autumn is here 🍂

Our favourite time of the year has begun: autumn!

We just love the beautiful yellow light, the cosy atmosphere, warm fireside drinks, making delicious comfort food again, and, soon, putting up our Christmas tree.

It is also a time for aligning our wardrobes with the change of temperatures and our wish list for the coming season: The time is here to put our summer clothes away and bring back into the spotlight, soft cashmere, wool scarves, and our beautiful winter coats. It is also an incredible opportunity to make an inventory of what you have and what you might need for your seasonal capsule wardrobe.

We call this process a Seasonal Wardrobe Transition (SWT) and recommend you do this twice a year: in September/October and March/April.

Reserve a day on your calendar for it, turn on an upbeat playlist and take your time because it is very much worth it!

So here are some good practices that we can recommend to make your Autumn session more productive and efficient:

1. Detox your summer clothes & accessories

First and foremost, you must look at what you have used during these past warmer months to evaluate what is still in good shape and what you want to keep for next summer or what has served its time and needs to find a new home or be discarded. Maybe some items need extra love as well, like a trip to a seamstress, cobbler, or dry cleaning. Put everything out of the closet and evaluate each piece with care. Meanwhile, pay attention to what still makes sense for your style, body, routine, and image strategy. Sometimes we tend to be emotionally attached to things that don’t fit into our current lives or give us the joy to wear anymore. Don't be afraid to donate or resell anything: you will be making someone happy to have it while creating new and precious free space in your closet and life.

2. Put them out of the way

Speaking of space, if you don’t have enough in your closet for everything, try to find proper storage for your summer clothes and accessories until next year, so they don’t get in the way. It can be one or more suitcases, storage boxes underneath your bed, or another wardrobe you don't access that often. Even if space is not an issue for you, store what remains of your detox elsewhere: on higher shelves or farther behind, for example. Before storing away your lighter clothes and summer accessories, make sure also to make the due maintenance: wash, clean, and store everything properly so that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises next spring.

3. Bring to the spotlight what you will wear now

Get your warmer clothes and autumn/winter accessories from your storage and take a critical look at them, too: even if you were sure that you would be wearing some pieces this winter, maybe they don't make sense anymore, their quality was not that good, and they don't deserve to be part of your life. Less is more! Make an inventory of what you still love and is in good shape, and bring everything properly into the spotlight to what I call the premium sections of your closet: where they are easiest to see and grab with no effort. This is one of the secrets of a functional wardrobe: Always make sure you reserve the best visible and quickest access space for what you will be using most frequently at the moment because, as we always say, “what you can't see, you won’t wear”! Organize everything in a way that makes sense to you - per colour, types or styles of clothing, occasion, etc. - and keep it that way throughout the season.

4. Update your shopping list

This seasonal wardrobe maintenance session is also a great opportunity to update your shopping list: now that you have made an inventory of what you have in your capsule wardrobe for the next six months, you can also evaluate what new things you might need, to have enough looks for your routine and style, while also giving your collection a fresh touch.

We are firm believers in a good shopping list so that we keep focus on our goals and needs instead of buying a lot of items without purpose, which will only make things harder. Contrary to what most people think, having more clothes does not mean more outfits! If they are not the right items, it just means you might be overwhelmed and frustrated every morning with so many wrong options. Make sure you also include your special wishes for the season in your shopping list: some pieces you don't necessarily need but want to keep an eye out for because they will make you so so happy!

We are against waste and overconsumption, but we also believe that clothes do have the power to make us feel joy and confidence, so when not in excess and well thought through, some indulgences can be healthy and fun!

Now, did you already make your wardrobe transition this year? Do you have this habit, or was it something completely new?

Hit reply and tell us about your experience and if you have any struggles in the process. Send us a picture even! 

We hope this helps you make your autumn/winter wardrobe work in your favor and use the incredible pieces we're sure you already have at home even more.

Cheers and talk soon,

O'Donnell Boutique Team



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