What to wear for a job interview

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Happy Tuesday Style Chats - What to wear for a job interview or for that very formal meeting coming up.

They say that first impressions form a lasting impression, so here is our best bet for you to nail on that important day.

Black is always going to look so put together. This look is sharp yet feminine and with the pussycat blouse inside it sends it to a different level.

Who said colour was out for Autumn/Winter not in Lily's, that's for sure. This stunning blue-grey suit will take you anywhere.

This suit means business. So sharp. This is dressing to impress. Imagine the confidence this suit will fill you with. Set off with a rich blue shirt. You'll turn heads because this woman means business.

Well, this is it for today and we wish you all best of luck in your future endeavours 🍀


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