Valentine’s Day ❤ Outfit ideas full of love

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Valentine’s Day might be your opportunity to glam yourself up.
Instead of distressing about staying at home, embrace the feast day and reinvent your way of celebrating and spreading love.

On that day, you should look good and feel good.
Our tip here is: start off by choosing what to wear and that will perk you up.
No matter what your plans are, we have some ideas to get the inspiration rolling.

Dresses are always very feminine and delicate. The colour of love: red.


The classic basic one: black.


The charming with a fashion print one: Aztec style.


Level your style up with a leather skirt and add on a romantic floral blouse. 


Finally, we all know that when it comes to staying at home,
comfort is always over style, but keep in mind you can find both in our shop.

We hope you and your dearest ones enjoy this day to the fullest.


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